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Medicall.id is modern and best way to get medical care from healthcare professionals without leaving your home, it’s simple and just works.

Caring family health in convenience ambience.

There are many variations of treatment and medication

Just simply contact us and our team will serve you.

Simultaneously medical care for your entire family


To make telemedicine the primary preffered methods of care. We are focusing on breaking down barriers and bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals.


Allow Healthcare professionals to offer telemedicine without infrastructure in a very low stress way. Become the cost effective, high convenience primary solution for care delivery.


Various services to fulfill your medical needs.

Medical Doctor

Hassle free to get examination and medication at your favorite place

Nurse Treatment

Worry free to treat your love at your comfy

Booster Medications

Body-boost with Fluid, Vitamins, Vaccines

Laboratory Radiology

Check your blood or even your bones